Excerpt: Slipping Through the Cracks, by Harper Kingsley

Title: Slipping Through the Cracks
Author: Harper Kingsley
Character: Franz Caulder/Ryan Wilder, Dr. Pamela Werth, Nicole Carson
Genre: mm
Rating: mature
Summary: Kid Nitro went to sleep in his own bed, and woke up on another Earth in the body of an alternate Franz Caulder. It’s a world without metabilities, which is jarring enough, but it’s also a world where Other-Franz is a mental patient grappling with some serious problems.

* * *

Franz went to sleep in his bed.

He woke up to a changed world.

The first thing he noticed, even before he opened his eyes, was that his sheets were strangely scratchy and his mattress was mysteriously hard with more jabby parts than he had ever experienced before. He imagined it was what lying on a bed of nails was like.

Franz sat up with a groan and his eyes widened in shock as he looked around.

The room he was in was painted a glaring white and was sparsely furnished. There was a plain brown dresser against the wall and a cheap framework desk under the barred and uncurtained window.

The bed he was on was a metal frame with a thin futon mattress thrown on it. Uncomfortable and unappealing, it–along with the bars on the windows and and the complete lack of any kind of personality in the room’s decor–gave him his first inkling of where he might be. Continue reading