Where has all the music video TV gone?

I watched an iHeartRadio Green Day Live performance on the Audience channel and it made me so happy.

Not just because it’s Green Day and I grew up listening to them, but because they were right there on the screen playing music.

Remember when there used to be whole stations that played music videos? Where did those all go? And if you say “the Internet” I’m gonna yell at you, because I only started watching music videos on YouTube because they stopped playing them on TV.

Seriously, if I could turn on the TV and tune it to a station that showed music videos, recorded music concerts, and like Behind the Music/Where Are they Now segments, I would watch that channel all the time.

Because you know what? I don’t want to have to watch everything on my computer, Kindle, or phone. I don’t want to waste my limited Internet watching stuff I should be able to watch on TV.