Wacom Intuos Draw

The other day, my dad surprised me with a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet.

Wacom Intuos Draw

Screen Sketch: Amazon site Wacom Intuos Draw

He got me the blue one and a designer case to hold it.

Screen sketch: Amazon site Wacom Intuos designer case

I just found out that if you can open the compartment on the backside of the tablet it came with three extra pen nibs. I thought I was going to have to buy more as I’ve been using the heck out of this one.

It’s kind of a relief that I can wait a little while before buying some. I blew most of my money on quality colored pencils.

Anyways, with the tablet I’ve hand drawn a few pictures with text:

“Believe what you want. I believe in fact checking” with angels, fairies, and aliens.

I’ve used the free Screen Sketch program that appeared on my computer under the Windows Ink Workspace header:

And I’m considering making a little webcomic. I don’t know though. My drawing skills are somewhat lacking ;_;

Still, I really like the Wacom Intuos.

There’s something exciting about being able to write posts using a Wacom Intuos and cursive handwriting. It makes me feel like we’re finally entering into the future. Though there are a few improvements I hope they will make*.

*The pen is scratchy enough I’m worried it will ruin my tablet surface.