WIP: That Time I Told You (working title)

This is a rawfeed story, which means that it’s coming direct from my brain to the computer screen. There may be word usage errors and editing problems.

by Sol Crafter

They met for the first time in the lunchroom when they were 10 years old. It wasn’t an instant connection–it took two weeks of sharing a table before they got to talking–but they became best friends after that.

To Conrad, meeting Jamie was the first time he felt alive. It was as though color flooded into an otherwise empty world.

It had never been great at home. His parents were always fighting, always yelling, always looking at him with resentful eyes as though to say “It’s your fault all our dreams are dead”. Going to school was his chance to get away from the tension and the loneliness. He did okay in his classes.

Until Jamie came, he only went to school to get away from home. The other kids were just the kids he played with at school–he wouldn’t call any of them a best friend.

Jamie was his best friend.

And so, because Jamie played the guitar, Conrad learned to play the bass. Because Jamie loved singing and music, Conrad learned to carry a tune and even started writing songs in a spiral bound notebook.

He would spend the night at Jamie’s house with Jamie’s doting mom who always tried to get Jamie whatever he wanted, even though she was a single parent without much money. He might have been jealous if she hadn’t been so nice to him, welcoming him into her home as though he were another son.

He became part of their family.


“We should start our own band.”

They were in Jamie’s room, each taking up an opposite end of the bed as they flipped through magazines and listened to music. Jamie had a tendency to flail his feet with the music, so Conrad had thrown a pillow across his ankles and had his arm propped on top.

“Huh?” he asked, looking away from the glossy pictures of pocket monsters fighting a guy in mecha armor.

“I said,” Jamie raised his voice with a mock-serious frown that turned into a smile, “we should start a band. What do you think?”

Conrad looked at him. He seemed serious, or at least determined to have his way. They were already playing instruments together. It didn’t bear much consideration. “Okay.”

Jamie grinned. “Yeah! We are gonna be rockstars.”

Centrifical, by Sol Crafter – Chapter One

Rereading some old stuff. I really do have a fondness for this story. There may be some Marty/Jim shorts in the future.

* * *

Title: Centrifical
Author: Sol Crafter
Pairing: Marty Sheer/Jim Sheppard
Genre: mm, contemporary, rockstar, movie star
Rating: mature

Summary: Marty is one of the stars of a cheesy sci-fi show. Jim is a rock superstar. They’ve been friends forever, though now it’s turned to something more.


He was sitting on a bench with a paperback spread open on his lap, the spine strained to breaking. He’d come to the park with the idea that he was finally going to finish reading his mystery novel. Except the sun was warm on his skin and he was distracted by the sounds of distant laughter and the elusive scent of barbecue.

Finally he gave up even the pretense and folded the book closed, shoving it into the pocket of his navy blue hoodie. He just sat with his head tipped back and enjoyed the light on his closed eyelids and the way fingers of breeze stroked through his hair.
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Rocking Hard 01

EXCERPT: Centrifical, by Sol Crafter

Rocking Hard 01-smallerRocking Hard, Volume 1 is an anthology published by Less Than Three Press.
Word count: 104,000
Pairing: M/M, F/F
Content: Contains some explicit content.

Stories of rock stars and their loves.

Buy links: Astore, Amazon, Smashwords, Bookstrand, All Romance.

Title: Centrifical
Author: Sol Crafter
Genre: mm romance

Summary: Marty is the star of a B-rated sci-fi show. Jim is a rock god. They grew up as nerds together. Now Jim is coming home.

Blurb: “Marty Sheer, one of the stars of a B-rated sci-fi show “Centrifical,” receives a phone call letting him know that his old friend Jim Sheppard, who left years ago and has since become an acclaimed rock star, has bought a new home close by. Renewing their friendships is easy—becoming something more is a challenge that makes fame look easy.”

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Title: Fringe Benefits
Author: Diana Sheridan
Genre: mm romance

Summary: Depressed after the death of his lover, and having lost his job at the same time, Dale distracts himself by going to see one of his favorite rockers. But a simple concert and trip backstage lands him an unexpected job as her new assistant, and brings him into the path of her intriguing, appealing make-up artist and hair dresser, Luis. But if there’s one thing that Dale has learned, it’s that life is never easy and love doesn’t always last.

Title: Courage Wolf Never Sings the Gorram Blues
Author: Talya Andor
Genre: mm romance

Summary: Bailey Kravitz, lead singer of Courage Wolf, is a high-strung, perfectionist diva of a front man. Gunner Lansing, bassist of Courage Wolf, is a laid-back, hang loose ladies’ man who is only serious about guitars and sex. They say opposites attract, but Bailey’s terminal crush on oblivious Gunner is tearing the band apart. Meanwhile, his longtime friend, quiet but intense guitarist Tor Macleod, helps him pick up the pieces yet again. Between annihilating everything they’ve built and reeling from total rejection, there may be a third option Bailey has been overlooking all this time. Problem is, Bailey’s always been more than a little difficult when he’s out to get his way, and that may ruin his prospects after all.

Title: Put You In a Song
Author: Lacie J. Archer
Genre: mm romance

Summary: Ten months ago, on a whirlwind New Year’s Eve, Garrett and Rich enjoyed a wild night together. Back in town for the final performance of his band’s tour, Rich can’t wait to see Garrett again, unable to forget him. But a wild night and a lifetime are two different things, and the first real challenge they face may be more than their fragile new relationship can take.

Title: A Haunted Melody
Author: Angel Propps
Genre: ff romance

Summary: A decades old tragedy, an old guitar, and a bright new star … A struggling musician on the verge of losing her band, Kara spies a guitar in a pawn shop that she can’t resist. One year later she’s on the verge of fame, and meets a woman who not only can help her get there, but introduces Kara to an intriguing, beautiful woman … But bad history is coming back to haunt, and Kara stands to lose not just fame and love, but her life.

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