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Kimichee is fiction, poetry, artwork, and creativity in the raw. Story genres are science fiction, fantasy, horror, ultraviolence, slash, mm, magical realism, spec fic, and more; sometimes all rolled into one. Look up “Harper Kingsley” if you want to find me.

Putting out my beseeching hat.

Currently in-progress

Paradigm Shift part 2: This picks up right where Paradigm Shift left off. Starts with an Interlude, continues with Chapter 21 in micro-chunks.

Posting schedule: Monday-Friday, basically any time of the day or night.

The easiest way to catch up with the story so-far is to read “Paradigm Shift” as either an ebook or paperback from: Amazon. Smashwords. Scribd.

You can find the posts for ParaShift 2 in this masterlist.

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