PROMPT-FILL: Intense Thoughts: Q. The wedding is already arranged

Title: Q. The wedding is already arranged
Collection: Intense Thoughts
Author: Harper Kingsley
Rating: Adult

“I masturbated furiously.
Then I smoked some weed.
And my thoughts became very intense.”

Q. The wedding is already arranged. The invitations have all been sent out. But it felt wrong to marry.

Not when she loved another.

It was so stupid. She’d been ready to get married. Then she’d met Shaun and he was everything she’d ever wanted. It was a case of bad timing.

Instead of meeting the man of her dreams and having a whirlwind romance, she resented him. If he’d moved to town six months earlier. If he wasn’t so head-over-heels for her. Anyway she looked at it, knowing him was going to hurt her.

Naomi stared at the blank diary page. Then laid the pen down and closed the book.

She’d thought smoking weed would open her brain and help her think. Cold logic was what she needed, to keep her parents happy and to ensure her future.

Except all she could think about was choosing him.

His future was so uncertain. It made her araid. The last thing she wanted was to live in her car.

Even if her parents disowned her, she didn’t think her grandmother would let her starve in the street. But she wasn’t 100% sure.

Which led to thinking of all his faults. Of the loudness of his angry-voice and how he’d made the server cry. Of how he’d taken his socks off the second time she’d met him and walked barefoot on her rug. Or how he’d cheerfully used her toothbrush without asking.

There were some mannerisms that she didn’t like. But he looked good to her, in the way of paintings or bodies she wanted to rub up against. She’d let herself think of him while masturbating, wondering what his kisses would feel like. Rubbed her clit while imagining his dick–Was he cut? Uncut? Did he have big veins or a dark purple cockhead?–and what it would feel like thrusting between her legs.

She was getting married, and she couldn’t stop thinking about what she might be giving up. The what-if happiness she might have with a guy she’d just met.

There was a knock at the door. A rolling rhythm of knuckles against wood. Their secret knock.

Naomi jogged to the door and pulled it open. “Are you supposed to be here? I thought it was bad luck.”

Rolf gave a lopsided grin. His eyes were bright when they met hers. “I felt like I would never be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t see your face.” He shrugged. “So here I am. Seeing you.”

She pulled him in by the arm, kicking the door shut with her foot. “Since you’re here… Come cuddle with me.”

He agreeably let her arrange him on the couch. Once she was satisfied, she pressed herself close against him, her upper body covering his chest. She pressed her face into the crook of his neck and softly breathed him in.

“I’m glad you’re here,” she said.

He didn’t press for any details. Just held her until she was ready to go to bed. Then he kissed her goodnight and went back to his brother’s house.

And she pressed the sleeves of her shirt against her nose and sniffed the lingering scent of him. A man that loved her, desired her, and was eager to spend the rest of his life keeping her happy.

Naomi married Rolf the next day. Her smile was radiant.