ParaShift 2: 04 (Gregor Tierney/Dylan Park, mm, scifi, a/b/o, mpreg, State Rule) #HarperWCK

And how terrifying was it to know that he would be a father. It hadn’t been part of the plan–Gregor had been expected to Bond with Zero–yet here he was: a father-to-be.

A revelation and a terror rolled into one. All he knew was that he felt a spark for Gregor Tierney. He thought it might be love, though what did he know? He’d never felt romantic love before. Yet when he looked at Gregor, he thought he was seeing his future happiness. As though everything he wanted and needed had been distilled and encapsulated in one distrusting but charming person.

He’d thought he was bringing home a Bondmate for his younger brother. He’d been blessed instead.

“Blessed Gregor Tierney,” he whispered to himself simply to hear the sound of the words. The name of the life-changer that had entered his sphere and decided to make a place for himself.

Whatever the future held, Dylan’s life was forever tied to Blessed Gregor Tierney. There were invisible strings bound between them pulling them into each other’s gravity.

Even without the child-to-be, there was a connection that could never be severed.

Because Gregor Tierney chose him.

And that was an amazing thing. To be chosen first and most favored.

He pitied Zero–Jaisuyen Park–who had never been told “No” to something he wanted and wasn’t taking it well.

Baby brother is most distraught, he thought. And there was a bit of disgust there, overshadowing the love he felt. Zero was behaving like a child throwing a tantrum and it was winning him no favors.

Dylan had already advised that he get hold of himself, but Zero had merely scoffed. The jealousy blazing from his gray eyes had resulted in Dylan cutting the visit short and ordering Cousin Deland to keep Zero company and prevent him from doing anything foolish.

Zero had always been impetuous. There had been times when he’d been willing to cut his nose to spite his face and only regretted things much too late afterward.

Dylan loved his brother. But he wasn’t willing to sacrifice his happiness for him.

Gregor had made the choice. Zero would have to accept it.

Just as Dr. Figworth would have to deal with the decisions Micah had made.

The fool boy had betrayed the Family. A few secrets here and there to keep his friend alive, then he’d used his father’s identicard to print the invitations that had allowed Virgil Hanson and his Acolytes into the rehearsal party. He’d even gone so far as to give them his access code to pass through Security.

It should have surprised no one that the friend was already dead. But Micah was young for his age and far too trusting. He hadn’t even realized that the Acolytes were anything more than common thugs.

Now he was missing several toes and half his left ear along with all the physical damage that would heal itself. The mental damage… that might never go away.

Some dark part of Dylan whispered “Good” because Micah should never forget or be completely forgiven for what he’d done. The rest of him could only be sad for wasted potential

The Inquisition would unmake Micah and either remake him or decide how he should be discarded. Either way, his old life was over. He could never go back to being the trusted Family member he’d been yesterday.