Wacom Intuos Draw

The other day, my dad surprised me with a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet.

Wacom Intuos Draw

Screen Sketch: Amazon site Wacom Intuos Draw

He got me the blue one and a designer case to hold it.

Screen sketch: Amazon site Wacom Intuos designer case

I just found out that if you can open the compartment on the backside of the tablet it came with three extra pen nibs. I thought I was going to have to buy more as I’ve been using the heck out of this one.

It’s kind of a relief that I can wait a little while before buying some. I blew most of my money on quality colored pencils.

Anyways, with the tablet I’ve hand drawn a few pictures with text:

“Believe what you want. I believe in fact checking” with angels, fairies, and aliens.

I’ve used the free Screen Sketch program that appeared on my computer under the Windows Ink Workspace header:

And I’m considering making a little webcomic. I don’t know though. My drawing skills are somewhat lacking ;_;

Still, I really like the Wacom Intuos.

There’s something exciting about being able to write posts using a Wacom Intuos and cursive handwriting. It makes me feel like we’re finally entering into the future. Though there are a few improvements I hope they will make*.

*The pen is scratchy enough I’m worried it will ruin my tablet surface.

Prompt Fill: 342. lucid 1A

Prompt Fill: 342. lucid 1A

Her first lucid thought was that things had gone wrong. Then the pain pulled her down again and it was another two days before she regained consciousness. By then they’d already taken her right leg below the knee and her left leg at mid-thigh.

She was a huddle of blankets on the bed. Her body made small by stillness and the mass of bandages covering her face and arms, each of her fingers individually splinted and wrapped.

It was pain that woke her, then they had to knock her out again when she was unable to stop her panic.

She almost thought that waking was a dream–a nightmare–except she was still in the hospital when she woke up. Her legs were still ruined. Her arms and fingers were still broken messes of healing bone and flesh. She was still the only surviving victim of The Renaissance Mangler, a serial killer that had been preying on the city for the last four years. Men, women, children–the Mangler had no preference but to cause pain to his victims before killing them and dumping their bodies where they would be found.

It was the Mangler’s need for attention that saved her life. Through his interactions with the media, the FBI were able to find the warehouse where he tortured and murdered his victims. And though The Renaissance Mangler wasn’t caught, his latest victim was found alive.

Splayed out on the floor of a large metal cage, she’d looked dead. The Mangler must have known they were coming and killed her before he fled. It was grim work breaking into the cage, until someone shouted that her chest had moved–she was breathing!–and they burnt through the lock with heightened urgency. The EMTs streamed into the cage and she was bundled into an ambulance and away. All while cameras took pictures and recorded the moments.

She would see those pictures later–on the Internet, on the TV, in history books–and it never seemed like her. A pile of bloody limbs on a dirty floor and a mass of tangled hair sticking out from under an oxygen mask and blanket on a gurney. The words of pity and recrimination coming from reporters and pundits alike made her angry on principle at first, before she began associating that image of a broken body as being her. Then she was just angry.

Because the Mangler had hurt her, tried to kill her, but the media had torn her apart. And once she became a spectacle, everyone had an opinion about the “poor survivor”, the “broken angel”, the “lucky idiot” that had survived being “sliced and diced” by the Mangler.

Stephanie was glad for her uncle’s quick action to have her identity kept from the public. Citing the need to protect her from the Mangler and the detrimental psychological effects of media attention while she was trying to recover, he’d kept her identity quiet. He’d even convinced the judge to have all mentions of her name replaced with a code name in court documents.

So while everyone in the world talked about what happened to Lily May Howerton, Stephanie Babbage was allowed to recover without anyone knowing they were the same person.

It allowed her to work through her shock, horror, and grief in some semblance of peace. She didn’t take the amputation of most of her legs well. She was horrified by her physical imperfections, by the scars that tugged and pulled when she moved her arms, and the strangeness of her post-reconstructive surgery face (That’s not me! That’s not me!). And she had to take some time out of her life to deal with what had been done to her and how it had ruined her plans for the future.

By the time she was back to feeling normal again, four years of her life had passed. She’d had multiple reconstructive surgeries and gotten used to her prosthetics. She’d inured herself to pain; to the point that it eventually disappeared.

She learned to walk and run and laugh again.

And then she found the love of her life.


RE TV SHOW: Madam Secretary (polidrama, reality AU)

Tea Leoni as Elizabeth McCord and Tim Daly as Henry McCord definitely bring on the drama in Barbara Hall’s Madam Secretary.

“A political drama which looks into the life of the Secretary of State as she tries to balance work with family.” – Created by Barbara Hall.


However you describe this show’s genre – I really dig Madam Secretary. It’s one of the DVR’d shows that I’m finally catching up on.

It’s obviously based on Hillary Clinton in her role as Secretary of State. But they’ve gone in a definite alternate universe direction with things that have really caught my interest. At least to the point that I want to see how this television series plays out.

Several times I’ve thought about a book series I once read about a girl, Meg, whose mother becomes the first female President of the United States. Told from her perspective, the President’s Daughter series was something young-me devoured and it gave me a love of political dramas.

From The West Wing to Newsroom, I have a fascination for what’s going on in the background of societies. I honestly think I would enjoy a behind-the-scenes at the Roman villa historical drama as long as it was relatively accurate.

I binge-watched the first three seasons of Scandal, unable to keep my eyes from staring. But things got a little heavy for me. The ratio between gratuitousness and content went a bit over the allowable limit for my watching ability.

The not-overly graphic narrative-driven style of Madam Secretary is something easy to watch. I don’t know that I would watch the episodes over and over again, but it’s solidly watchable at least once.

Elizabeth McCord was kind of a frumpy character in the first season. But as the show has progressed, they’ve cleaned up her look quite a bit. They even make a point in the first season of having her be told by a stylist that she needed to work on her image.

I don’t know. I’m enjoying watching these DVR’d episodes and I’m hopeful that the rest of season 3 will go well.

And by the way, Tea Leoni’s EYES. Amiright? Yeah.

I bought “Kingsman” on Blu-ray for $3.99 http://amzn.to/2gN0kD6

I splurged a bit, but I figure a movie or a book is something that can be enjoyed multiple times.

And who knows, it might be nice to have something to watch on TV the next time the Internet goes out or DirecTV is dealing with a network strike.


Kingsman: The Secret Service – from Amazon. I got this on Blu-Ray for $3.99. (I actually prefer DVD for the universal playability, but whatever.) Other than the obsession with anal sex, from what I remember this was a solidly entertaining movie.

Colin Firth was great. That church scene was eye-popping. And the whole dynamic has spawned some truly great fanfic.

So all around, I’m pleased with my purchase.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – from Amazon. I got this on DVD for $3.99. I’ve never seen it before, but I remember that the trailer was kind of amusing and I wanted to see it.

I’m willing to give Tina Fey a chance. Hopefully this is a movie my dad will like. 🙂


Fury – from Amazon. At $5.99 for Blu-ray (or $4.99 for DVD) I think this was a good buy.

My brother said it’s a good war movie, though there’s one sex scene that I might want to skip passed. Otherwise it’s all action and rugged tank fighting.


Joy – from Amazon. I got this for $3.99 on DVD. I had to really think about this one, because while the trailers looked good and the list of stars looks good, I’m just not into melancholy movies. But from what I understand, this movie’s supposed to be good all the way through.

I’ll give it a chance and share whether it’s truly “a must-see” movie.


Pride + Prejudice + Zombies – from Amazon. I snatched up a DVD copy for $4 (though I could have grabbed the Blu-Ray for $5.99 if I wasn’t so cheap) and I’m really looking forward to seeing this one.

I remember enjoying the UK trailer for the movie — the US one was super dark and horrible. Like, everything great about either Pride and Prejudice or zombies was ruined by whatever the editors were trying to serve up. (Barf.)

I’m hoping this movie is going to be good. I’ll let you know ^_^


For less than $25, I’m hoping to keep my family quiet and entertained for a couple of nights.

I make coasters too

I make coasters if anyone’s interested ($6 each). Or I can provide pics of hand decorated tiles like the ones below.

Simple black/color on white tile message: $3
Drawing and detail: $5

My pics may not be great, but they’d be dedicated to you. And you can choose to share the pics on your site or social media.


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Media Watcher’s Guide: Introduction

Media Watcher’s Guide: Introduction

There are some television shows and movies that should be watched at least once – just for the value they give you as a person.

But the only way to get value out of any form of media is to consider what you’ve seen and to have a discussion about the material. Especially if you are watching a particular show or movie with a child or children.

Watching a television show or movie that contains violence, sexual material, foul language, or illegal acts should always be followed by a Q&A when watching with a child. Be aware of ratings and make sure your child is of the proper age and maturity level to enjoy a show or movie.


* American Dad (animated) [cartoon violence, deep message, murder-death-kill, strong female character, #autodidact] – family dynamics. male protagonist. female protagonist.

* Bob’s Burgers (animated) [deep message, amoral behavior, #autodidact] – family dynamics.

* Breaking Bad (live-action) [illegal activities, drug abuse, ethical quandary, murder-death-kill] – male protagonist.

* Buffy the Vampire Slayer (live-action) [magic, ethical quandary, murder-death-kill, strong female character, #autodidact] – female protagonist.

* Criminal Minds (live-action) [TV realism, police procedural, serial killer, murder-death-kill, strong female character, #autodidact] – team dynamics.

* CSI: Crime Scene Investigators (live-action) [TV realism, police procedural, murder-death-kill, strong female character, #autodidact] – team dynamics.

* Flashpoint (live-action) [TV realism, police procedural, murder-death-kill, strong female character] – team dynamics.

* Hannibal (live-action) [violence, serial killer, murder-death-kill, cannibalism, strong female character] – male protagonist.

* Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (live-action) [TV realism, police procedural, murder-death-kill, strong female character, #autodidact] – team dynamics.

* Orphan Black (live-action) [superscience, ethical quandary, murder-death-kill, strong female character] – female protagonist.

* Rick & Morty (animated) [superscience, amoral behavior, deep message, illegal activities, murder-death-kill, #autodidact] – male protagonist.

* South Park (animated) [amoral behavior, deep message, illegal activities, murder-death-kill, strong female character, #autodidact] – male protagonist.

* Weeds (live-action) [illegal activities, drug abuse, amoral behavior, murder-death-kill, strong female character] – female protagonist.

* *

* *


* Akira (animated) [superscience, violence, ethical quandary, murder-death-kill, #autodidact] – male protagonist.

* Alien (live-action) [superscience, murder-death-kill, deadly aliens, strong female character, #autodidact] – female protagonist.

* Aliens (live-action) [superscience, murder-death-kill, deadly aliens, strong female characer, #autodidact] – female protagonist.

* Blade Runner (live-action) [superscience, violence, ethical quandary, murder-death-kill, #autodidact] – male protagonist.

* The Call (live-action) [violence, serial killer, ethical quandary, amoral behavior murder-death-kill, strong female character, #autodidact] – female protagonist.

* Children of Dune (live-action) [superscience, another planet, assassination attempts, #autodidact] – male protagonist. female protagonist.

* Doctor Strange (live-action) [magic, strong female character] – male protagonist.

* Dune (live-action) [superscience, another planet, assassination attempts, #autodidact] – male protagonist.

* Little Shop of Horrors (live-action) [musical, alien invasion, amoral behavior, ethical quandary, murder-death-kill] – male protagonist.

* Grave of the Fireflies (animated) [WWII, bittersweet, tear-jerker, deep message, #autodidact] – male protagonist.

* Howl’s Moving Castle (animated) [magic, deep message, strong female character, kid-friendly] – female protagonist.

* Man From Nowhere (live-action) [ultraviolence, murder-death-kill] – male protagonist.

* Monster (live-action) [ultraviolence, serial killer, murder-death-kill, strong female character] – female protagonist.

* Pitch Black (live-action) [another planet, violence, murder-death-kill, deadly aliens, murder-death-kill, strong female character] – male protagonist. female protagonist.

* Spirited Away (animated) [deep message, strong female character, kid-friendly, #autodidact] – female protagonist.

* The Invasion (live-action) [alien invasion, strong female character, murder-death-kill] – female protagonist.

* Wall-e (animated) [end of the world, robots, kid-friendly, #autodidact] – non-human protagonist.

* Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (live-action) [musical, subversive, kid-friendly, #autodidact] – male protagonist.

To everyone telling us to calm down, that the election is won and done

To everyone telling us to calm down, that the election is won and done, please, if you know something we don’t, EXPLAIN how everything is going to be all right.

Explain how Trump is qualified for the job.

Explain how he’s not a criminal.
That he didn’t defraud young people looking for an education.
That he didn’t sexually assault people.
That he didn’t make gross and inappropriate comments.

Explain how it wasn’t about race, misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, or homophobia.
That you’ve voted with your conscience.
That while you don’t believe in hatred, you believe in freedom.
That people aren’t already being abused.
That the dangerous emotions he stirred up will just disappear.

Explain how non-racist, non-homophobic, non-misogynistic, non-xenophobic Trump supporters are.

Explain all your reasons why you think everything is going to be sunshine and roses for the next four years.

Then open your eyes, look around, and see that people are ALREADY being affected.

That a vote of “conscience” for Trump doesn’t make that voter complicit in everything that he does with his power.

And then tell me, in a few months or a year or two, when he steps down due to “health reasons” i.e. Alzheimer’s disease, that everything is going to be super great with Mike Pence as our President.

Tell me that it’s going to be okay when he starts putting in laws, and the militia groups gain more popularity.

They are recognized terrorist organizations.

Pence is all buddy-buddy with their groups and ideals. “White power”, “Make America Great – and by great we mean absolutely terrible for everyone not rich and white”, all kinds of <_< whacky crap that makes my skin creep.

Trump worries me.

Pence terrifies me.

So people telling me it’s going to be all cool – write your blog post explaining why a Trump Presidency would be great.

Expound on all your reasons why it’s going to be wonderful.

And I don’t want one-word answers. Or regurgitated campaign slogans.

Spell things out slowly, as though I were a small child.

And don’t lie anywhere in the telling.

Wait a few hours, relax a little, then look at what you wrote.

And tell me that you feel 100% certain things are going to be okay.

Ghost In the Shell live-action movie #boycott

“Ghost In the Shell” is an amazing anime series. They would play episodes on AdultSwim’s animation block, Toonami.

Ghost in the Shell (攻殻機動隊 Kōkaku Kidōtai, literally “Mobile Armored Riot Police”) is a Japanese media franchise originally published as a seinen manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. The manga, first serialized in 1989 under the subtitle of The Ghost in the Shell, and later published as its own tankōbon volumes by Kodansha, told the story of the fictional counter-cyberterrorist organization Public Security Section 9, led by protagonist Major Motoko Kusanagi, in the mid 21st century of Japan.

In the series/movies, Major Kusanagi has a body that failed when she was a child. Through science and technology, she was put into a cyborg body, or “shell.” And in a society where shells are recognized as people and cybernetics are somewhat normalized, there is always the danger of hackers, terrorists, and everyday criminals abusing the technology or those that use it.

It is a great series and everyone should watch it.

But the upcoming movie…

I’m boycotting the movie.

I will not watch it in theaters. I will not buy the movie. If I see it, it will be on TV or Netflix/Amazon/Hulu, which may give the producers a tiny bit of money, but definitely not as much as they want.

Hollywood needs to understand that whitewashing their movies has results. Mostly that people of conscience will not watch them in the way they want.

And if, instead of the $8 they expect to receive per viewer, they only receive $0.30 — I hope they’ll get the message that what they’re doing is unacceptable.

Whitewashing is a casting practice in the Cinema of the United States film industry of the United States in which white actors are cast in historically non-white character roles. The film industry has a history of frequently casting white actors for roles involving people of color; the practice is as old as the film industry. Activist Guy Aoki said African Americans “have long felt the full brunt of the ‘whitewashing’ of roles” and that Asians have experienced it as well. Native Americans have also especially been subjected to this.

And for anyone that wants to say “What about poor Scarlett Johansson and the other actors?”

I guess they can weep into their beers.

It’s not like they didn’t get paid for making the movie.

It’s the studio(s) that are going to be punished. Because when they paid out millions of dollars to the cast and crew, it was on the faith that they would be rewarded with great money.

But as they have decided that PoC are not viable choices for playing the PoC main characters… then they can eat their losses and either learn from what they’ve done, or watch their studios die.

I am done with giving a pass to people stuck in the Stone Age.

You either adapt or die.

Vote with your money #TEOTWAWKI

As things fall apart around us, and the systems we depend on cease to work in the manner they’re supposed to, it would be easy to fall into despair.

It would be easy to turn to anger and resentment. To throw your hands up in the air and declare “We should just fuck everything up. That’ll show them.”

When really, more than ever, we need to hold each other up, lean on each other, and help each other out. As the government and our fellow citizens begin to fail as human beings, the rest of us need to build a backup infrastructure and backup resources on which to draw on and use.

What does that mean?

Well, companies that turn to the hatred of Trump as the answer don’t deserve our money. They don’t deserve our shares on social media. They don’t deserve anything at all.

So what if a business produces a product or service that I want right now. So what if their model is neat, and their idea is interesting. If they support hatred, than they’re not getting any money from me or my family.

Because when it all comes down to it, the service or app might be great, but if I wait 2 months someone else will come up with the same concept and model without all the crap.

So go ahead, businesses, don’t pay your employees proper wages. Don’t give them benefits because their family-unit doesn’t conform to your ultra-rigid ideas of what’s proper.

It sucks that your employees will have to get other jobs when your business tanks, but that’s not my fault. I’m not required to do business with any company I don’t believe in.

I might not be powerful or important.

But I spend money. I buy things. I do the shopping for my family.

And in-between elections, I vote with my money.

“I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you.”

“I Am Joan Connor”


I’mma start a revolution from my bed
if you’ve any objections
keep them to yourself
and get outta my way instead.
Cos I’m gonna roll right through you
– some sacrifices must be made –
and if you don’t stand against him
then you must stand against me
and I don’t need you anyway.

If we’ve gotta burn this country down
I’mma cry and hesitate
but with my finger on the button
I’mma start this fire burning
and burn away all the hate.
Because while all lives matter
when I watch my brothers and sisters fall
I don’t care about your petty issues
I’mma answer to this call.

So we’re gonna start this revolution
and you’re gonna be with us
– and that’s great –
but if you wanna stand against us
we’re not gonna hesitate.
So while I’ve whispered words of love
and promised you all I am
you looked at me like a possession
and gave into your fear and self-hate.
So don’t tell me to swallow up my pride
to dim the fires of my heart
and drink the poisoned water
welling up from the country’s darkest parts.

I’mma start a revolution from my bed
raise my voice and lift my head
and if you’re gonna stand against me
then I don’t need you anyway.
I’m a fighter and I’m righteous
I’mma stamp out all the hate
burn it from its burrows
and throw the ashes all away.
And if you stand with hatred
with inequality, ignorance, and hate
then I’mma roll right through you
cos baby, we don’t need you anyway.

Gifts for kids: Piper Computer [STEM, educational]

Piper Computer

When I first saw the Piper Computer Kit, I thought it was a waste of money ($253!) but then I took a closer look at what it was and I find myself impressed.

About the Product

  • Hand-crafted wooden computer case with lcd screen monitor
  • Minecraft story mode adventure play with hardware components and challenges
  • Wifi enabled gameplay for extra levels and sharing capabilities
  • Electronic gadgets including led lights, motion sensors, buzzers, buttons and switches
  • Self-contained computer running on a raspberry pi 3 project board – 1gb ram – 1.2Ghz quad-core CPU

The kit contains:
● Beautiful, hand­crafted wooden computer case with HD LCD display
● Fully functioning computer running on a Raspberry Pi 3 Project Board. 1GB RAM. 1200 MHz Quad­Core CPU
● Electronic gadgets including LED lights, buzzers, buttons, switches, sensors and more
● Cables to connect the screen, Pi and 6600 mAh powerbank together
● 8 square foot laminated blueprint explaining how to assemble your Piper Computer
● USB mouse with a retractable cable
● An 8GB SD card that holds your game progress and keeps your creations safe
● Custom Minecraft Pi adventure that you play by building and programming electronic modules
● Wifi enabled gameplay for multiplayer, new downloadable levels, and sharing capabilities
● Free automatic level updates
● It even comes with a Piper Screwdriver!


One of the questioners asked if the computer could be assembled, disassembled, and reassembled again. This would allow it to be built and played with by different children.

A reviewer said that once the Piper Computer is put together, there are lesson plans available at the Piper website for further edutainment. [Piper: Minecraft Raspbery Pi Edition – https://playpiper.com/]


So while it seems like the price might be a bit much, if you’ve got the scratch to spend and a kid you want to spend it on, this might be a good gift.

Or if you take in foster kids, have grandchildren that visit at different times, run an after school program, or anything like that — this might be a good tool to have around.

Anyways, I saw the Piper Computer and thought that it was cool enough to share ^_^

“365 Prompts” – Prompt 070. portrait ages so subject doesn’t 2A – $5 to paypal.me/harperkingsley

“365 Prompts” by Harper Kingsley will be available as a pre-release November 14th. You can order your copy now for $5.
(If you order a pre-release copy, you get a PDF, mobi, and/or epub.)

Mention that you want a copy of “365 Prompts.”

Or if you want to wait for the holiday season, “365 Prompts” will be listed for pre-order on Smashwords and Amazon. Official release is December 10.

2. Hidden in an attic, wrapped in stiff paper, there was an old painting. A moment caught in time, though the subject–a young man with fine features–continued to age until he was a withered old man.

A. Hidden in an attic, wrapped in stiff paper, there was an old painting. A moment caught in time, though the subject–a young man with fine features–continued to age until he was a withered old man. He’d been easy prey to the monster that lived in the house.

Captured and locked in oil paint, he felt no pain as the life was drained out of his trapped soul. And neither did the 200 other men and women transformed into paintings and hidden all through the countryside, their screams silenced to dull lassitude, so that they could sleep through their decades-long deaths.

But he was special. He was the first. The one true beloved that had turned a loving heart into a sucking pit of hate and rage.


Want this prompt filled and dedicated to you?
Send me $5 and you get a digital copy of the story (PDF/mobi/epub) that’s at least 500 words, and it will be dedicated to you.


Make sure to mention what prompt you want filled.

And consider if you want mm, mf, or gen; or if there’s a particular genre you like. No promises, but its likely I would fill what you like.