I bought “Kingsman” on Blu-ray for $3.99 http://amzn.to/2gN0kD6

I splurged a bit, but I figure a movie or a book is something that can be enjoyed multiple times.

And who knows, it might be nice to have something to watch on TV the next time the Internet goes out or DirecTV is dealing with a network strike.


Kingsman: The Secret Service – from Amazon. I got this on Blu-Ray for $3.99. (I actually prefer DVD for the universal playability, but whatever.) Other than the obsession with anal sex, from what I remember this was a solidly entertaining movie.

Colin Firth was great. That church scene was eye-popping. And the whole dynamic has spawned some truly great fanfic.

So all around, I’m pleased with my purchase.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – from Amazon. I got this on DVD for $3.99. I’ve never seen it before, but I remember that the trailer was kind of amusing and I wanted to see it.

I’m willing to give Tina Fey a chance. Hopefully this is a movie my dad will like. 🙂


Fury – from Amazon. At $5.99 for Blu-ray (or $4.99 for DVD) I think this was a good buy.

My brother said it’s a good war movie, though there’s one sex scene that I might want to skip passed. Otherwise it’s all action and rugged tank fighting.


Joy – from Amazon. I got this for $3.99 on DVD. I had to really think about this one, because while the trailers looked good and the list of stars looks good, I’m just not into melancholy movies. But from what I understand, this movie’s supposed to be good all the way through.

I’ll give it a chance and share whether it’s truly “a must-see” movie.


Pride + Prejudice + Zombies – from Amazon. I snatched up a DVD copy for $4 (though I could have grabbed the Blu-Ray for $5.99 if I wasn’t so cheap) and I’m really looking forward to seeing this one.

I remember enjoying the UK trailer for the movie — the US one was super dark and horrible. Like, everything great about either Pride and Prejudice or zombies was ruined by whatever the editors were trying to serve up. (Barf.)

I’m hoping this movie is going to be good. I’ll let you know ^_^


For less than $25, I’m hoping to keep my family quiet and entertained for a couple of nights.