Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the deal with prompts?

A: Before I begin working on a story I think up a preliminary scenario. I then expand on the scenario and write an outline of what happens next, who the basic characters are, and what the final destination is going to be.

Sometimes a scenario can have multiple outcomes. Depending on the character involved, their response to a given situation will be different from how someone else will respond. Take Vereint for instance. If he’s in his civilian guise, he will try to defuse a dangerous situation with humor and his attempt at charm. If he’s incognito or dressed as Darkstar, he will respond either with inappropriate humor or violence.

And so there are times when I will come up with a story prompt and there will be multiple branching possibilities and ideas. Maybe the focus should be on a love story. Or maybe it should be on the changes a particular technology has on a society. Or maybe the focus should be on the life and times of a particular character. Whatever is decided, for each prompt I come up with, depending on the character I use, there’s about a dozen story ideas that I end up discarding.

With all of the unfilled prompts and outlines I’ve written, I figured why not share them with you all. Even though they’re outlines, some of them come across as complete stories. Or maybe you’re a writer in need of some inspiration or for some idea of how to begin an outline.

Read the prompts, don’t read the prompts, it’s whatever you decide. They’ve been posted to be enjoyed.

Q: Can I fill a prompt?

A: Sure, go right ahead. If you’re using my characters or words, please don’t try to sell them for profit, but otherwise an idea is an idea. As long as you write your own story in your own words, then it’s all up to you. Though it would be cool if you acknowledged the source of the prompt and maybe threw a link my way.

Please remember, the written portion of my prompts are copyrighted to me. (Copyright Frequently Asked Questions via Teaching Copyright). So if there’s a prompt about someone traveling back in time to stop the robopocalypse of the future, all of the details that I’ve filled in belong to me, while the idea of time travel or a robopacalypse is free to use.

I am a fan of fanfiction and fanart, and I like and respect the Organization for Transformative Works. But I also believe in copyright. So if you’re going to take one of my prompt outlines and use it as the base for the novel you plan on selling for profit, you might want to talk to me first. Otherwise, just use the general idea and not all of the details, the characters, or the plotlines.

q: When will you update story-x?

A: Sorry I can’t give you a firm date about a particular story, but I can’t trust myself to hold to deadlines. All stories are still very much in the writerly queue and nothing has been abandoned, it’s just that sometimes I lose momentum on a story and I move on to something else while I try to get that spark back.

That said, if someone displays interest in a particular story, I usually find myself getting my interest perked as well. This can result in updates, omakes, and sidestories. So if there’s a particular story that you like, don’t hesitate to say something. I might not respond to reviews or comments — there are times when I go through periods of anti-socialization — but I appreciate every word and a story might be your result.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: I watch a lot of movies and television. I read fiction and history. I watch bugs crawling around doing their business.

I’m not sure where exactly my stories come from, but it seems as though I can become inspired by everything in my life.

My brain enjoys making connections and filling in the blanks to unfinished situations. I see someone walking down the street pause to pick something up before continuing onward. And my imagination clicks into overdrive: What did he pick up? Why does he look nervous? Where is he going? What’s going to happen to him?

There are stories everywhere. And if I don’t see the end of a story, my mind will make up the rest of it.

Q: I hate ads.

A: That’s not really a question, but I respect your opinion. Unfortunately, I am carrying debts due to medical bills and stupid decisions made in my youth. As such, I cannot afford to provide all of the content on Kimichee for free.

With the ad-revenue collected, I’m hopeful that at least maintaining this site won’t cost me money out of pocket. A few click-throughs on your part, and visitors can keep enjoying stories, articles, poetry, photographs, and reviews.

If you make purchases at Amazon, please consider clicking-through one of the links on this site. It doesn’t cost you any extra money, and it really does help.

Q: Will you run my ad on your site?

A: It depends on what you’re advertising. To be honest, I am not prepared to link to Adult sites at this time. A boutique-style sex shop would not be too much, but a site with naked people everywhere might be objectionable. I don’t know. It would have to be on a case by case basis.

If you’re interested in advertising at Kimichee, it’s $20 for a month in the side bar. Contact [email protected]


A: Donate because you’ve read a story or review here that you enjoyed. Donate because you want there to be more content here. Donate because you’re a great person that would like to help out. Whatever your reason, know that I am incredibly grateful for every little bit, and with your help this site will remain online to entertain and amuse the masses.


A: What the money will be going toward:

  • Website — it costs money for web hosting. The bit of downtime Kimichee experiences is a result of the host server being unable to handle the visitor load. The recommended course of action is to upgrade our hosting package, which is currently more than I can afford. Plus, at some point it would be nice to get an actual webdeveloper in to streamline the databases and beautify the WordPress, as my skills are basic.
  • Artwork — I cannot draw. It’s one of the biggest regrets of my life, but I have no skill with drawing, painting, or even coloring in ways that other people want to see. But there are people out there–hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people–that are willing to provide beautiful pieces of art for use as cover art and web page images for affordable prices. I cannot afford that artwork on my own, but with your help we can make things a bit more visually interesting.
  • Editing — with the use of outside editors, you could expect updates to reach your eyeballs faster than ever before.

Basically, your donation will go toward making Kimichee a better place to visit and hang out.


A: That’s easy. If you look to the sidebar, you will see links to donate via Patreon or Paypal, and if you use Flattr there’s a button at the top of posts and pages.

  • Patreon — mostly used for monthly donations, it’s easy to sign up as a patron. I usually provide bonus material to patrons, as well as posting story chapters there before they appear on Kimichee. So if you like to get your updates before everyone else, this is a good choice.
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