Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night
Author: Harper Kingsley
Setting: Kanon-verse
Character: Sunfire/Teen Steel
Genre: superhero, au, mm, kidfic
Rating: mature
Blurb: In an alternate version of the Heroes & Villains-verse, things have gone a bit differently. Heroes are dead, heroes are alive, and the Teen Demis are falling apart.

After the light and the flame, there was a funnel of dust that rose up and up before collapsing on itself. And when it hit the ground, it spread outward, flowing between the buildings as a choking wind.

Seth raised his arms in front of his face and tried not to breathe. The world went dark even before he got his eyes closed. Dust and debris plinked off his chest and legs.

He could hear the screams of other people on the street, but he couldn’t do anything for them.

He hunched down and pressed his mouth and nose into the crease of his right elbow. He could feel his hair whipping around his head and knew the normal humans were having a harder time of it.

Seth powered up, enough that there was a corona of heat around him without igniting a firestorm. The last thing the city needed was fire to accompany the blasting wind.

The strange perception of a disaster scenario fell over everything. It was an odd, nearly stop-motion sense of events.