EXCERPT: Where Do I Go When I’m Not Here

EXCERPT: Where Do I Go When I’m Not Here
By Harper Kingsley
Dedicated to any fans of evil!Darkstar

I go back to Earth sometimes. And even if its not real — there’s been SO much mindfucking going on — it is better than the horror story of reality.

I imagine grass and stars, of mindbending purple light coming from his eyes. Not touching me, but passing so close I could feel SOMETHING from it. A feathery brush of heat that almost felt like gravity; god, he was so heavy to be around. The air was always so THICK; I could never get enough of it.

I became his in a moment. My power became his power.

I was wrapped up in him — my god, my everything — and he had no idea of the great joy and fulfillment he brought me. Because I was just another minion. One more Darkster kneeling before the throne.

It should bother me to remember, but it doesn’t. Because I love him that much. Because he DESERVED a million billion faithful kissing his ring every day, vowing forever fealty.

Some said he was immortal. I have to believe it.

He always looks the same. Beauty and brilliance; it burns to look directly at him, but its impossible to look away. I weep some times for the memory of his face and the possibility that I’ll never see him again.

One freak portal, and here I am: trapped in hell. Hurtling through space aboard a sci-fi freighter with a blown actuator and a cracked FTL drive.